Baby Essentials

With the option of baby equipment travel lighter!

LillyBi Vacation homes has available for our littlest guests,
infant and toddler accessories for napping, eating, and bathtime.
Additionally, in our apartments you will find a guide
with all of the information and telephone numbers of trustworthy pediatricians, babysitters,
the closest pediatric hospitals, and other useful details that will make
your vacation more serene.
Below you will find the details of the accessories available.



LillyBi Vacation Homes
LillyBi furnishes dressing tables accompanied by bathing trays, a comfortable potty and/or
an adaptor for the toilet seat. All of our bathrooms are equipped with practical non-slip footstools
to assist toddlers with washing.



LillyBi Vacation Homes
For napping and sleeptime, LillyBi furnishes cribs (folding and travel types) complete with hypoallergenic,
plastic covered mattresses. For infants we have available practical bassinets
that adjust to standard cribs. Please note that we do not furnish sheets,
blankets, or pillows for baby cribs designed for 0-3 years.



LillyBi Vacation Homes
LillyBi furnishes cushioned and adjustable booster seats for eating for children from 4-18 months and/or highchairs
with or without a tray. All of our highchairs and booster seats are equipped with security belts.
The kitchens are fully equipped with ovens and microwaves for heating baby food.



LillyBi Vacation Homes
Beginning in the Spring of 2011 every apartment will have included in the cost of their
vacation two bicycles for which a 150€ security deposit is requested.
The bicycles are equipped with lights, and children’s seats
or shopping baskets by request. We do not furnish bicycles to minors of less than 18 years
unless accompanied by an adult family member. All children’s seats conform to current
safety standards (EN 14344) and have a carrying capacity of 9-15 kg (19.8-33 lbs). They have regulation security
straps and fasteners. We furnish children’s safety helmets in two sizes, Small (48-52 cm, 18¾” – 20½”) and Large (52-56 cm, 20 ½” – 22”).
If you would like to reserve equipment for your children it is important that you indicate their age, height, and weight so that our staff may prepare the appropriate equipment.