LILLYBI Residence - Casa Vacanze Varazze
Sede Legale: Via Montello, 10 - 17019 Varazze (SV)
Tel. 339 2878292

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In conformity of D.Lgs 196/03 in regards to personal data protection, LillyBi Vacation Homes guarantees the maximize privacy of your information. In particular it guarantees that your personal data will not be published or sold to another person or agency and that it is utilized solely for the purpose of completing the reservation.
If at any time the applicant wishes to update, rectify, or cancel their data from our system they may do so by contacting us at the following address: LillyBi Case Vacanza – Biancardi Alessandra Via Montello 10 int. 4 – Varazze (SV) 17019 or you may send an email to: - In relation to the use of personal data, as described above, those who submit their data freely and with consent, are subject to the law as described above.