Rental specifics

The information found below pertains to both our two-room and three-room rental units. The information refers to rental rates and service options that are valid until the 31st of December, 2013. Beginning the 1st of January, 2014 our directors reserve the right to update or modify our rental dates, rates, and services. Reservations made before january 1st, 2014 will not be subject to rate or policy changes even if the reservation is held during the 2013 season.

Our apartments are located on the top floor with ground floor elevators. They are very sunny, and offer all comforts and services. Civic buildings 10 and 12 on Via Montello have been completely restored and certified to comply with the latest safety standards and energy consumption laws. Our company, LillyBi Vacation Homes and Apartments, enjoys exclusive ownership of our apartment properties.

The numbered parking space assigned to the apartment is optional and must be reserved when the vacation booking is confirmed.



Heating and Air Conditioning
All of the apartments are equipped with thermostat controlled heating systems with a natural gas boiler encased in an exterior wall. An interior digital thermostat that regulates both the radiator temperature as well as that of the hot water heater controls it. Every room is outfitted with a traditional radiator connected to this system as well as an independent wall unit that will function as both an air conditioner and additional heating source. The temperature of this unit is remote-controlled.

All the rooms of the apartment have high-efficiency, double-paned windows installed with thermal insulation and equipped with Genovese-style, exterior shutters.

The attic spaces are fully insulated with double-paned windows equipped with mosquito screening and/or skylights with exterior shutters, awnings, rain sensors and electronic remote control.
The small entrance windows are equipped with blinds.

The bedroom dressers and wardrobes are certified to be formaldehyde free.
The varnishes utilized are entirely water-based products with regards to environmental safety. The mattresses are orthopedic with wooden, slated beds. Every apartment is furnished with a small safe.

Bed Linens
The bedding provided is complete with blankets, bedspread, mattress cover, and pillows encased in a pure cotton cover. All bed linens are pure cotton, and are furnished with a weekly change included in the price of the reservation.

Bath towels and kitchen linens
We furnish bath towels, tablecloths, and dish towels that are laundered bi-weekly. The cost of this is included in your reservation.

The utilities of water, lights, and gas for a period of four weeks are included in the cost of your reservation.

TV and domestic appliances
All of the rooms are furnished with a Full HD, LCD TV of the latest generation with digital cable signal. The living room and kitchen are equipped with a hookup for Satellite reception. However, the decoder is not furnished. Should you wish to enjoy Satellite TV you must provide your own decoder.
All of our appliances have an A and AA+ rating. The cooking range is equipped with 4 secure-gas burners with electric ignition. The kitchens are furnished with a dishwasher, electric oven, microwave, refrigerator and freezer, and a complete set of cooking utensils: pots and pans, dishes, trays, and drinking glasses for wine and water.
The bathrooms are equipped with washing machine, hair dryer, and shower with both an attached/raised showerhead and a lower handheld showerhead.
The sofa bed in the two-room apartments is equipped with an easy open/close system, features a lofted and orthopedic mattress, and opens to the dimensions of a standard queen-sized bed.

Exterior furnishings
The terraces that measure larger than 15 meters are furnished with a cold-water faucet, lights, outdoor chairs and tables, and sun chairs. They are equipped with electric, remote-controlled awnings complete with anti-wind sensors.
The balconies of the three-room apartments are furnished with lights and equipped with outdoor end tables and chairs, deck chairs and sun awnings.

The cleaning fees at the end of your stay are obligatory; they vary depending both on the duration of your stay and the type of apartment you rent. On request we will provide you midweek with the cleaning personnel and their hourly rates. All of the information in regards to cleaning rates and taxes can be found on the price list provided on our website.

The apartments are supplied with a cleaning kit: consisting of broom, dustpan, and cleaning cloth, wash basin, rubbish bin, clothes drying rack with clothes pins, clothes iron and ironing board. Additionally the apartments are furnished with an electric broom with changeable bags.

We will furnish on request and by reservation the following “baby kit” for the duration of your vacation, at the cost of 20 €:
-Booster seat for 5-18 months and/or a highchair with or without tray. A crib, of the portable/folding type, fit with hypoallergenic mattress and plastic mattress cover, dressing table and bathing tray, and bathroom footstool. You are able to view the equipment we have available on our website under the heading “baby essentials”. All the Kit Child is cleaned to HACCP norm.

For the apartments with stairs, we will furnish upon request safety gates for both the top and bottom landings of the staircase.

Beginning in the spring of 2011 every apartment will have available two bicycles for which we request a security deposit of 150€ to be held until the end of your stay. The bicycles are equipped with lights, children’s seats, and shopping baskets. We will only provide bicycles to minors under the age of 18 when accompanied by an adult.

The recommendations given for local commercial services and promotions are done strictly on the basis to provide a complete service to our clients. We do not profit from these commercial associations.

This information was last updated in October of 2013.