Varazze has more to offer than just the sea
Varazze is sea, tradition, nature, culture, and open air sporting in every season.
Our little city is centered in the picturesque Gulf of Liguria, in the heart of the Riviera delle Palme welcoming its guests with the colors and flavors that are typical of a seaside village.
Varazze embraces you with the alluring blue of the sea, the warm and lively tones of the beaches, the vibrant greens of the hills, of the forests, and of the basil and aromatic herbs of: thyme, sage, and marjoram, that flavor the traditional Ligurian dishes.
It was not casually that we chose to personalise our apartments with the names of these typical aromatic plants. It is our way of welcoming our guests with kindness and to illustrate for them the world of flavors that are the Riviera.
Wandering around inland and in the Natural Beigua Park
The beauty and uniqueness of Liguria, and above all of Varazze, is that it offers both the sea and hills that arrive at the Appennino in only a few minutes.  Discover the beauty of the inlands, you'll find it astonishing, and if you want to view the sea from the mountain, you may easily visit the Natural Beigua Park. From the top of Mount Beigua behold a breathtaking view that reaches from the Alps to Corsica and where you can take in the entire graceful arc that is the region of Liguria.  After a beautiful day of hiking and sightseeing why not stop to taste the local culinary specialties from the inland villages. You will find addresses and maps in the itinerary rubric featured on our website.

There is a lot of beauty all around us…
…lakes, small hidden waterfalls, clearings with a view of the sea, a lot of excursions and itineraries that may be completed by foot, by bicycle, on horseback, by car, or by bus. For those more adventurous, in certain periods of the year, one is able to paraglide onto the beach. If you desire to break the routine of sea/beach and find relief in the shadows of the chestnut, beech, maritime pine and olive trees, visit the outskirts of Varazze with your children. We will be happy to assist you in deciding on a proper daytrip.
And for the art lovers…
in the corners of our little cities and in the hills are isolated churches and little chapels rich in history, that are maintained by the local fraternities, who with their strength, continue to keep alive the popular traditions of the religious processions.
One must see, surely, the processional casket of Saint Bartholomew and his imposing crucifix that are housed in the church of Saint Bartholomew, and the wooden statue of Saint Catherine of Siena (the patron Saint of Varazze), the masterpiece of the sculptor Maragliano, inside the Parish of Sant'Ambrogio.
The oratory of Saint Joseph, adjacent to the cathedral, is rich with model ships (ex voto) and his important crucifix, this also attributed to Maragliano. A Romanesque bell tower of the 13th century rises in the center of the city. View the picturesque, scrolling old walls and the oratory of Nostra Signora Assunta (visible from the balcony of the Lavanda Suite), and the chapel of Saint Catherine of Siena entirely adorned in frescoes. The palace Beato Jacopo da Varagine that was the municipal building, and now the tourism office, features guest shows and displays and is situated in the historical center.
And There are more.....
Wandering around the Caruggi.
…in the historical center, meandering along the shop-lined streets, glancing above the store windows will reveal treasures hidden away in the angles of the old buildings, numerous little statues of the Madonna tucked into the niches of the palaces, their walls and the antique houses of the fishermen.
Stopping to look past the shop buildings unveils a breathtaking view of the sea.
Varazze and the sea…

…after centuries of operating traditional shipyards, in 1887 came the inauguration of the first bagno marino (swimming beach), dedicated to Queen Margherita. Within a few decades Varazze became one of the best-known public beaches in Liguria. The history of Varazze and its traditions can be viewed on line with the beautiful web site and historic archive
The splendid arc of our coast, that begins from Mount Beigua and from the hills, is beautiful viewed from the sea. If you visit Varazze pause to behold the panoramic view while you swim or walk along the beach. (Some of the photographs featured in the gallery section of our website were taken just 20 meters off the beach).
East of Varazze in the direction of Genoa we find the Lungomare Europe a stupendous passageway immersed in Mediterranean vegetation and perched above the sea, that is permissible only by foot and bicycle, and completely level. By starting from the center of Varazze , and walking 5 km along the sea, it is easy to arrive in neighboring Cogoleto.
To the West, in the direction of Savona, you'lll find the new seaport of Varazze With its 800 docking areas, it is located in one of the most important tourism harbours of the Ligurian Riviera. Here you will find numerous opportunities to hire a local boat tour and enjoy Liguria from the sea